Why Hiring a Professional Locksmith is the Only Way to Go

We’re not just tooting our own horn here!

Sure, you could say that as a professional locksmith service, we would advertise our services as the very best there is! The truth is, we want you to be safe and don’t want you to be overcharged by incompetent service providers.

Flimsy or incorrectly installed locks – as installed by an amateur – can make your home vulnerable, especially if the locks in question are of the front door, side door or the home windows.

According to a report on residential burglaries, the front door and rear windows are the most common points of entry, which is only made simpler if your locks aren’t strong enough to withstand the force. By having the locks installed by a professional locksmith, you’ll be keeping yourself and your home safer.

Further Benefits of Hiring an Expert Locksmith

Superior Training

Let’s say you have a classic style home that still uses the cruciform lock. An amateur will not have the necessary training to install or repair such a complex lock system. However, a professional locksmith will likely have years of training, and will know exactly how to repair or replace the lock with one that works just as easily, or is even better.

Professional Advice

Lock technology is constantly evolving. So if you’re thinking about changing your locks with some better alternatives, a professional will be the right person to guide you. Whether it’s your workplace, your vehicle or your home, a professional locksmith will be able to recommend just the right type of locks, deadbolts and handles to further enhance security.

The Right Tools

A professional will also have the necessary tools for the job. These tools will ensure that the job goes smoothly and effectively, without causing any damage to the lock or the door.

Added or Extra Services

Aside from offering professional locksmith services, most specialists also offer additional services such as installing and repairing deadbolts, extracting stuck or broken keys, installing locks or re-keying them and replacing cylinders etc. For a small additional fee, you’ll be getting so much more for a nominal price, than what you would have gotten had you hired an amateur.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Reach out to a professional locksmith!

As a reliable locksmith service in Covington, GA, we’re your best choice for affordable lock-and-key solutions! Call us today at 404-281-3140 and let us have a look at your locks!

We offer services in Rex, Ellenwood, Conyers, Redan and other areas of the Metro Atlanta area!

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