Change Is Good – Why And When To Change The Locks

The thing with locks is that you don’t really need to change them as frequently as the oil in your car, a circuit fuse or your toothbrush!

That being said, it’s not like you shouldn’t change them ever!

Sure, you can be under-cautious and go for key duplication after you lose your old set at the bar! Alternatively, you could really get in there and overlook the entire lock issue with a full-on garage door replacement, but is that really feasible?

Sometimes, the best way forward is a simple lock change. It ensures you aren’t unprotected from break-ins and is pretty affordable for most people!


Below are a few whens and whys of lock changing we felt would be useful for those confused about whether or not a lock change is indeed what they need!

  •  If you move homes

When you shift homes, it is always smart to have the old/original locks replaced with a new one. The reason for this is that you really have no clue if the keys handed to you are indeed the only ones out there!

  • If your locks are old, rusty or damaged

It stands to reason that if your locks are rusty, maybe it’s time for a lock change! You don’t want to come home after a long day to find that you’re locked out.

  • If you go through a divorce or break up

Sadly, even in this day and age with all our education and research, basic civility is not common to everyone. If you have recently separated from an abusive partner who you feel might be putting you at risk, make sure you get your locks changed. You never know if they key you got back was the one you handed to them or a copy.

  • You lost your keys

This does not mean you change the locks an hour after you misplace your key set. This does however mean that if you have misplaced your keys and it has been over a day looking for them high and low, it might be time to get a lock replacement. You never know who might have picked up the old set and with what intentions!

  • You get robbed

If someone robs you of your keys and wallet, who is to say their next stop isn’t your home or workplace! If this ever does happen, make sure you have your locks changed and replaced immediately. Its nonnegotiable! Another instance is if there is a robbery in your neighborhood or signs of someone attempting to break in to your home. Both warrant immediate lock replacement!

  •  An employee forgets to return their set

The practical reason is that someone else is not likely to keep your key as safe as you would, especially if it is an employee who does not work for you any longer. In a situation where someone goes AWOL with your keys, just play it safe and change the locks.


You can change your locks pretty much whenever you like but the reasons above are times you absolutely without a doubt should! Residential locks and commercial locks might come with different specifications. Assess your needs and then look into what suits them best! Stay safe.

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