When Life Locks You Out Of Your Car, Here All the Things You Can Do

Panicking will do you no good, so first; let us all just agree to calm down!

You’re locked out of your car and you have only a few options to get in— breaking through the window being the last one.

So let’s go over the various tactics you could work with!

Got a Spare Key?

Think hard!

Do you have a spare key anywhere on your person? Most likely, you might have it in your purse or wallet, so check there. Do you have a separate key in your office or home?

If you don’t have one though, take this episode as a lesson; always carry a spare key!

Try to unlock it yourself

Use a blood pressure cuff. It may seem ridiculous, but it works if you do it correctly. Start by sliding the deflated cuff into the top-most corner of the door. Start blowing it little by little until you see a small gap in the opening, though don’t inflate the cuff too much otherwise you’ll damage the car door.

Using a wire hanger, fit it in the gap you’ve created and maneuver the hook so it hits the unlock button.

Call a Locksmith

It’s always a good idea to have a reliable locksmith service provider on speed dial. If you don’t have it, save our number and give us a call for immediate assistance.

As a reliable locksmith service in Covington, GA, we’ll have your car door open in a jiffy. And we won’t charge you more than absolutely necessary either. Call us at 404-281-3140 if you’re anywhere in Metro Atlanta, Georgia and we’ll come to your rescue in no time.

What if it’s an emergency?

Again, don’t panic. It’ll only make things worse. Instead, take a deep breath and search for something that you can use to break the window. Forget about the windshield because it can be pretty difficult to break. Focus on the side window. It’s strong because it’s tempered but it’s not as impossible to break through.

Look for something sharp. A hammer would work, but you need to use its claw. A screwdriver would work in a pinch as well, but you’ll have to apply proper force. Otherwise, use a golf club, a window scraper or even a large rock.

Aim for the edge of glass, rather than the center. It’s the strongest point of the glass so you’ll have trouble breaking it. If the glass is tinted, break just one side of it and use a cloth to grab that edge and push it out and away.

If you’re breaking the glass because a child or a pet is stuck inside, choose a window that’s farthest away from them to keep them safe.

Call us!

AA Locksmith can also replace your broken keys; make a new key and a transponder key as well. Get in touch with us if you want to benefit from our professional locksmithing services!

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