Transponder Keys: Everything You Need To Know

In the year 2016, almost $6 billion were lost due to theft of motor vehicles. Safety and security of their cars is a major cause of concern for vehicle owners.

Car manufacturers understand these issues. Many of them have even undertaken measures to ensure the security of the vehicles. One feature that these people have developed is the transponder key.

What are transponder keys?

In terms of functionality, transponder keys are no different from traditional car keys. They both go in the ignition. You cannot start or stop the car without them.

However, these keys connect directly with the security system of your car. All the cars that start with this key have built in security features. All of these transponder keys have chips, which have a unique code encrypted in them.

When this key goes into the ignition, it connects directly with the security device in the car. The device releases a signal using radio waves. The key receives these signals and sends the codes.

If the car security system reads the codes and identifies it, the car fires up. The car will not start in case it is unable to identify the code.

Here is a look at some of the benefits of this type of key:

It ensures complete security of your vehicle

As mentioned above, the car will only start if the security system is able to detect the code of the key. Only the person who has the right key can access the vehicle.

Sometimes criminals tow the car instead of driving it away. However, this tactic is ineffective since the car’s engine will require reprogramming in order to run. This feature deters criminals from even attempting to steal the car.

Another major benefit of this type of key is that it cannot be duplicated. Each car has a unique transponder key; however, you can ask the manufacturer of the car to make another key for emergency situations.

Additional functions

Another benefit of this type of key is that it allows you to lock or unlock your car from a distance. You can do so by pressing just a single button.

In addition to that, all of these cars have a built-in alarm system. This alarm goes off every time an unauthorized individual tries to enter your vehicle.

Easy to use

Another benefit of this kind of key is that it is extremely easy to use. It has a very simple interface and you can perform several tasks with just a single button.  If you’re looking to get a transponder key made for your vehicle, get in touch with us.

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