Top Reasons To Have New Locks Installed In Your Home

How often should you get the locks in your home changed? We are pretty sure you don’t know. Don’t worry, neither do millions of other homeowners.

Regardless of how secure you think your door locks are, various situations and circumstances necessitate lock replacements.

You’re Moving Into a New Home

Even if the previous owners claimed that they handed over all the keys, there is a good chance they still have a spare key with them somewhere.

Just think about it for a while. The previous owners who lived here probably had copies made for house cleaners, neighbors, baby sitters, dog sitters and so on. So even if you feel that the individual is trustworthy, there are various other parties involved that are unknown and cannot be trusted.

Same is the case if you are moving into a new home. There is a good chance that the contractor and the workers had several copies made of the keys, and it could become difficult to trace them all. Therefore, it is imperative that you replace your locks.

You Can’t Track One of the Spare Keys

Losing keys is a situation that many homeowners face. Consider yourself lucky if you find them, otherwise you should have your locks replaced.

Whenever you get spare keys made for your locks, it is vital that you keep track of them. If any one of them goes missing and isn’t found within a couple days, then getting the locks replaced is a must. Keys could get stolen. Even worse, someone with malicious intentions could have come across your keys after you dropped them.

For obvious reasons, do not leave the home vacant until the locks on the door have been replaced.

You Recently had Someone Move Out

If you broke up with your partner, and they decided to move out, now is the time to get your locks replaced. Especially if you’ve had a dispute about assets and finances, there’s a good chance your ex would try to break into your house and vandalize it.

The same goes for a roommate or a tenant. Always have the locked replaced whenever your tenant or roommate moves out. Even if they hand over all the keys that you gave them, there are chances that they could have made copies of their own to use later on.

You Recently Had a Break In

It makes common sense to have the locks replace when there was a break in. Even if your home was targeted at random, your security has been tested and now is the time to evaluate the weaknesses in your home security and overcome them.

Have the locks of all exterior doors replaced with better and more durable locks, so that burglars find it hard to break through.

Your Locks are Worn out

If you can’t remember the last time you had your locks replaced and they look in a pretty dismal state because of wear and tear, then it is a pretty good idea to have them replaced now before it is noticed by a burglar.

Just like any other device, locks have a life too after which they start deteriorating. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have them replaced once they look worn out and old.

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