Tips to Prevent your Car from Getting Stolen

On average, motor vehicle thefts have increased by 3.1% in 2015. With these alarming statistics, it is essential that we learn more about automobile safety.

To a lot of people, cars are like their babies. If you think of your car as yours, then it makes sense to do everything in your power to protect it.

Understanding the Threat

The best way to ensure security is to determine the way the threat is posed. Let’s examine two ways that thieves target vehicles.

The first method is simply with the right kind of chance and the second is a planned theft. The first one is basically the right time and your vulnerability combined that provides the perfect moment for them to commit the crime. Knowing this can help you prevent the theft.

Keep the door locked at all times

You may have heard this one before but part of that vulnerability that allows for opportunity theft.

Get in the habit of locking your car doors at all times, even when you are driving or stopping on the way somewhere. Take away the opportunity for the thieves to stumble upon an unlocked car.

Carjacking is a method they can use to steal an occupied car. This translates to violent stealing of an occupied car. Keep your cars locked and safe.

Do not leave your baby alone

Even if you are not the type to think of your car as your baby, leaving it unattended even for a short period while unlocked is a bad idea. Make sure that the car can be seen by most people even if not you. A thief won’t attempt to steal from a car in plain view.

Don’t leave the vehicle running

We all want to do things quicker. Saving time during stops is convenient if the car is on. Abandon the comfort of a running car because that time can provide the perfect chance for theft.

Stowing away everything before you turn off your car can save your car and a possibly a bigger damage than wasted time.

Install car alarm systems

There is a reason behind the popularity of car alarms. These make a huge difference to your car security.

You may be able to find a car alarm system paired with a keyless remote for security. Giving that extra attention to your car security can really pay off in the long term.

Proper automotive maintenance

Whatever protective measures you have in your car are likely being used on a daily basis, and this means they are prone to damage and wear.

You don’t want to be surprised that the locks didn’t work or your alarm system let you down in time of need. Pay attention to these and take your car for daily maintenance to a reliable automotive company.

We can help

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Whether you have locked yourself out the car or want to take its security up a notch, getting a consultation with us will answer any questions you may have. Visit our site to take a look at our automobile locksmith services.

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