Tips for Preventing Break-Ins in Commercial Properties

Did you know thirty-four percent of burglaries in the United States take place in commercial properties? This statistic should be a source of worry for businesses.

Office buildings consist of expensive equipment and confidential documents. Therefore, you need to make sure unauthorized personnel are not able to enter the office premises. Take a look at some ways you can ensure that:

Conduct an Assessment of the Security Plans

Start with your company’s security plans. Burglars are able to exploit loopholes in your security system and gain entry in the building. Going through with the plans allows you to identify vulnerabilities in your system and remove them.

Vigilance is the key. Even the latest security equipment wouldn’t be of any use if the people at the office do not take security seriously. Make sure that all employees in the company follow security protocols.

Increase the Security at Access Points

Inspect all of the access points and take a look at security measures you have implemented in those areas. There are companies where security personnel pay more attention to a certain area. Make sure you don’t make this mistake.

Increase the Security around Building Parameters

Strengthening security around access points is not enough. You also need to beef up the security around the building’s parameters. Hiring armed security guards always helps. Burglars think twice before breaking in a commercial property when they see armed guards.

These individuals can keep track of all kinds of suspicious activity around the building’s parameters and report them immediately.

In addition to guards, you can also get guard dogs. These animals can see, hear and detect intruders from a distance and notify building owners. Burglars too are a lot more cautious. Who’d want a German Shepherd sinking its teeth in their legs?

Proper Lighting

Burglars usually prefer breaking into buildings at night. The buildings are empty and the darkness allows them to sneak past the security personnel.

Make sure your building’s premises is well lit. Install motion-sensing lights that light up as soon as someone moves in a restricted area.

Install New Locks

It’s quite easy for burglars to pick traditional locks and gain entry in the building. Installing a deadbolt system can help counter this issue. These are quite sturdy and have complicated lock mechanisms, which makes it a lot tougher for burglars to pick them.

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