Solutions for a Broken Lock

Imagine this; you won’t be checking whether your door lock is working every third weekend. But what if you discover that the front door refuses to lock at 3 am? The safety and security of you and your family is compromised and you have to rush to the locksmith’s in your pajamas and stay up a few hours more until the lock is replaced.

Knowledge is power.

This is why we wish to educate you all about locks and where to begin in case on is broken in your home.

Dead Bolts

Deadbolts are made of strong metal and a good quality one has a complex mechanism to provide you with the maximum security. Your deadbolt may have been damaged with use or due to a blunt force, depending on these, it may be a lose latch bolt or it may simply be broken. The locks can also simply jam due to misuse or wear.

Latch bolts may not compromise your security but they can prevent the door from closing and this is possibly the worst type of emergency to find yourself in. You must get your deadbolt looked at even if locking it is taking an extra effort. This is because any issues with the deadbolt translate to flaws in your home’s security.

You can check the locks yourself by opening and closing these to ensure everything moves the way it is meant to. You can also clear out the strike plate and the cross bore. If your deadbolt has been damaged, consider replacing the damaged parts only if it doesn’t compromise the safety of your residence.

The Alignment

Your lock may appear broken at times; this doesn’t have to be the case. The issue may just be in a little misbalance between the lock and the strike plate.

Most of the time, all you need to pay for is the labor to get this fixed instead of replacing the whole thing. This is good news. You can easily check the workings of your lock by opening the door and unlock and relock the lock. Do the same with the door closed, if it doesn’t lock, you have an alignment issue at hand.  

A common reason for this is the change in the weather. If you have wooden doors, they expand in response to the humidity. Your local locksmith can easily take care of this issue by either widening the opening for the bolt or changing the position of the strike plate.


Stuck bolts and annoying keyways can sometimes just be fixed with a few sprays. This is a great tool for homeowners to own because it can help you fix the issue for the short term until a locksmith arrives on the scene. They may diagnose the issue as rust and clean this. With a bit of polishing, the lock will work as well as it did before!

Another reason why many locksmiths use lubrication with other lock solutions is because this simply makes the whole process so much smoother.

Loose locks

Sometimes your lock will appear looser when turning it. This issue can take place in locks that are used very frequently. In this case, it is usually the connections of the lock to the door weakened with use. If the lock is not damaged, your locksmith will do is simply reinstall the lock.

If the lock is broken or damaged beyond repair, a better option is to replace it instead of paying for labor costs more than once for the same issue.

We can help

Be sure to reach out to an experienced locksmith if you have a broken lock. Remember, if the lock for your front door or back door is even damaged, it can severely impact the security of your home. If you are looking for lock solutions in GA, we at AA Locksmith service Covington, Lilburn, Ellenwood, Snellville and adjacent areas.

Feel free to contact us for an insured locksmith to come and fix your locks. We take care to provide our customers with the best deals and expert services.

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