Securing your Home before a Vacation: What you need to do

Vacations are about loosening up, relaxing and freeing yourself of the day to day stresses that you put up with during the year! It stands to reason that you would not want to be worrying while on vacation. One of the things that can really stress us out is the worry of whether or not our homes are safe while we’re away.

In order to address this, we’re going to provide our readers with a lowdown on what you need to do to secure your home before going off on vacation or holiday.

Securing Your Home before a Vacation

There are a few steps you could take to make sure your home does not become the target of the next burglary or break in while you’re away on holiday. Here they are.

Don’t Tell the World about It

Many of us might gush and brag about our upcoming holidays. It is an exciting prospect so it isn’t hard to imagine why someone would. That being said, you might want to be careful about where you gush about your vacation and who you tell.

If the wrong person or people were to find out you and your family are going away for a while, they might see it as an opportunity to break in and clear your place out. For this reason, tell who you really need to, but try be a little discreet. You will have plenty of time to gush and brag with pictures when you’re back!


A Light for the Live-in 

If you have some kind of a time or daylight based electrical lighting system, you might want to leave it active. Having a few lights on in the home makes the place looked like it is being lived in. Any potential burglar or thief would think twice if they felt there was someone around. Remember Home Alone?

Of course there are other ways to make the place seem inhabited while you’re away. You could have a trusted friend or relative come by and eat dinner, water the plants or just hang out for a bit. You could also offer a neighbor to park their vehicle in your drive space. All these things create the illusion of someone still being home. As you can see this would be a brilliant deterrent!

Locking Up Right

Last and most importantly, you need to lock up properly.  This aspect of securing your home is a little layered so were going to take it a step at a time.

The first thing you want to lock up is your valuables; little items that are worth a lot either materially or emotionally. If you don’t have these in a bank locker, keep them secure in your home safe. It makes sense to have the locks of the room you put them in checked, serviced and reinforced.

The next thing you want to do is have the other locks, latches and entrances in your house checked and secured. Have any damaged locks replaced especially if these are on the main entrance doors.

Last but not least have your entrance locks reinforced by a reliable residential locksmith service provider to remove any minor chance of someone breaking in.


If you’re smart, discreet and you lock up right, you won’t have any reason to worry and whether solo or with your family, you get to make the most of that vacation! If you’re already packing your bags and need a residential locksmith services in Georgia, you’ve got us!

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