Rekey Or Replace The Lock: Which Is A Better Option?

Detected a problem with your lock? Before you get in touch with a professional locksmith, you might want to determine if you should rekey or replace your lock. It’s natural to feel confused about which option you should go for. We can help. Take a look:


Rekeying revolves around changing the internal components of the lock so that you are able to open it with a new key. Sound simple right?

The actual process is a lot more complicated than you might think. First, you are going to need the services of professionals who know their way around locks.

Locksmiths remove the door lock and change pins on the cylinder. All of the pins correspond with different keys.

It’s the job of the locksmith to make sure they get the measurements of the pins right. They use tools like depth charts, key decoders and pinning size charts in order to do so.

What Are Benefits Of Rekeying?

Moved into a new place? You want to make sure that past owners no longer have access to your home. You can ensure that through rekeying. This ensures that you stay safe and secure.

In addition to that, rekeying is not very expensive. You just need to get the key pins changed. Furthermore, rekeying is not a very time consuming job provided you have on board experts.

Lock Replacement

On the other hand, lock replacement is all about changing the locks in your door. It is a much more expensive option when compared to rekeying. This is because you will need to purchase a new lock in order to replace the old one.

You will have to consider your budget and the kind of lock you have installed before you make the decision to replace the lock.

What Are Benefits Of Replacing Locks?

You can make changes to the appearance of your doors by replacing the lock. For example, if you have a doorknob, you can replace it with a deadbolt system. Some other options you can opt for include mortise locks and cylindrical door locks.

You can always update the locks in your home in the future. For example, keyless entry systems have started gaining popularity in the last few years.

You will need services of professional locksmiths no matter which option you go for. Get in touch with us. We offer locksmith services in Georgia. You can count on our team for high quality commercial, automotive, and residential locksmith services. Contact us at 404-281-3140.

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