Reasons Why You Should Never Break Into Your Own Car

Locked yourself out of your car again?

There are plenty of articles and YouTube videos that could give you a crash course on car unlocking and how you could unlock your car in no time.

But is it really that easy?

There are various factors involved which you may not be aware of—besides, it’s recommended to never try breaking into your vehicle.  The best thing to do in such a situation is hire a professional who will unlock the car for you.

Here are some reasons why you should never try and break into your own car:

You May Hurt Yourself

After watching a YouTube video, everything may look very simple.

The crowbar goes here…the screwdriver goes there… some pushing and shoving and voila!

You may not be aware how dangerous the whole process can be.

If any of the tools slip from your hand, you could stab yourself, or end up scratching your arm. If you are using twisted hangers, the dangers are even more severe as they have protruding edges which can hurt any part of your body.

You May Damage Your Car

The process of unlocking a car involves breaking the locks or gaining access through the edges of the window using a crowbar or a twisted hanger. However, when you are on your own, you may end up smashing the window or damaging the body and the paint of the car.

The worst part is that your car insurance won’t cover any of this damage, as intentional acts aren’t covered under most policies. Insurance only comes into play when the damage to the car was unintentional.

It is never cheap to repair any of this and would end up taking its toll on your wallet.

You Could be Arrested

When you are breaking into your car, you could be spotted by the police. If that happens, you are likely to come across as a thief trying to break into a car.  You will need to produce the car documents in order to prove that you are the rightful owner of the vehicle; however, if the documents are in the car you are going to be taken into custody until the car is unlocked by a locksmith to retrieve the documents.

Imagine being handcuffed and taken to a police station just because you couldn’t prove the ownership of your own car.

You May be Attacked

If you are in a deserted area and are busy breaking into your car, you are an easy target for robbers.

Anyone could creep up behind you and bereave you of your cash, phone and other belongings. In some instances, you may be deprived of your car too.

You May Have No Idea What To Do

Car locks are becoming more and more complicated day by day, which is why you may have no idea at all what to do. In some cars, breaking the window is no option either, as the glass being used in car windows is becoming sturdier.

You may even spend the whole day trying to somehow unlock the door, but still end up with no results. Therefore, breaking into your own car is sometimes not an option, especially when you are running late for work or an important meeting.

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