Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Your Locks Replaced

While shopping for new locks is really easy, you won’t find many resources that will give you the right information on finding suitable locks for your home.

Here are a few questions that you must ask yourself in order to purchase the best possible locks for your home:

What Type of Lock Do I Need?

Not all locks are the same. You won’t find universal locks that are perfect for any sort of application. All locks are built to serve a particular purpose.

This is why it is imperative that you first determine why you are getting the lock replaced and what purpose is the new lock going to serve. This will help you identify the type of lock you should install in your home.

There are various types of locks that you can choose from, including doorknobs, deadbolts, handle sets, door levers and smart locks. Each lock is either designed for interior or exterior use. For example, deadbolts are designed for the front door and provide a great deal of security to the home, whereas door levers are only designed for indoor usage, as they do not have any strong locking mechanism.

What Security Grade Do I Need?

Many homeowners aren’t even aware that locks have security grading, which makes a lot of difference. All lock manufacturers are required to have their locks tested, and have grades or rating assigned to them. The grading that they are assigned determines how durable and strong the lock actually is.

The grading is generally given out by Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) or American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The grading usually means the number of cycles that a lock can be go through before its starts deteriorating, along with the force it can withstand.

Hence, an ANSI Grade 1 lock is much more durable and longer-lasting than Grade 3. Therefore, you should pay attention to the grading of the lock you are getting installed in your home, as this would give you an idea of how long your lock will last.

Where Do I Want the Lock Installed?

The location is also an important consideration when getting new locks. Only when locks are installed in their correct position are they utilized in their full potential.

Locks that are installed in the front and the back door should be of a higher grade so that they provide more security to homeowners. On the other hand, a sliding glass door can’t have a dead bolt lock on it as deadbolts aren’t designed for sliding doors. They require other types of locks, such as door levers.

Therefore, you should know where the locks will be installed so that you can buy the right type of locks with appropriate grading.

What Features Do the Locks have?

It is essential that you know all the features of the locks you are buying. There are various locks that have anti-drill, anti-pick, anti-bump and tamper resistant features. This makes them more secure than others.

However, features are much more important if you are going with smart locks. You must have a lock that can fit easily in your home automation plans. The first thing you must be concerned about is whether the lock compatible with the smart technology that you are using in your home, and whether you can control the lock through your smartphone or any other device or not. There are some homeowners who want to monitor when and how many times their lock was opened from a remote location.

So if there are any unique specifications that you require, you should look for it when buying a lock.

Who Will Install The Locks?

While you can install the locks on your own, it is never recommended. It is always a good idea to have them installed by a licensed and certificated locksmith. There are several reasons for that.

Firstly, a locksmith knows how to install a lock properly, which means chances of the locks being ill-fitted are minimum. If the lock is not properly installed you are only compromising your own security.

Secondly, the locks in your home play an important role in the amount of insurance premium you’re paying. Only when you have your locks installed from a licensed professional will you be eligible for an insurance premium discount.

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