Questions to Ask Before You Replace Your Deadbolt Lock

If you have moved into a new home or have a broken lock in your current home, you should know that a deadbolt locking system is perhaps the most important one to invest in.

The main door and back door both are the primary aspects of your home’s security. Even the slightest negligence in either one of these could have drastic consequences

In this blog post, we share insight gained with years of repair, installations and servicing of deadbolt locking systems.

Why Do You Need A Replacement?

This is the million dollar question when it comes to your door locks and will influence any other decisions that you make hereon. Let’s take a look at the likely reasons for replacement:

  • Broken or defective lock:The deadbolt might have sustained damage due to a break-in attempt or it might have started showing signs of wear. In such  a case, the best way forward would be to consider investing in a replacement. 

  • Security Upgrade: if you are replacing the locks in your home to boost security, nothing is as important as considering the lock’s ability to resist picking and attempted break-ins.
  • The Design: if you are renovating your home then changing the lock simply for the sake of aesthetics means you will need to consider things like double cylinders and colors. Don’t forget that design related lock purchases are often expensive.

Door Type

If you spend a lot on the deadbolt and have a weak door or one that has a hollow core, it won’t do much to secure your home because the door is what provides the support to the deadbolt itself. You need to know what lock goes with which door. For example, glass doors require double cylinder deadbolts to provide the maximum security.

You also need to choose the door that can withstand a deadbolt. The more holes your door has cut in, makes it weaker. A better idea is to find a door with a solid core and one that can withstand a deadbolt. 3 deadbolts won’t make a difference on a hollow bedroom door in terms of security.

Choose the right person for the job.

We at AA Locksmith offer you the best options for your needs and hope this post will help you make the best decision. For lock replacements or rekeying, call us at (401-281-3140) for prompt and professional locksmith services in Georgia today! To learn more about our services, visit our site.

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