Prevent Unauthorized Access to Your Home and Office With Keyless Lock Systems

We all are aware of the basic function of locks: to prevent unauthorized access in our homes and offices. However, traditional locks are not always effective at keeping your property secure. At least that is what the latest statistics seem to suggest.

Ninety-five percent of robberies involve forceful break-ins like picking a lock. Therefore, there is need for a more effective lock system. This is where keyless locks come in.

What Are Keyless Entry Systems

As the name suggests, you do not use keys to operate keyless lock systems. Instead, they use codes, retina scans, badges, and fingerprints. Apart from doors, these systems are also used in modern day motor vehicles.

Some of their benefits include:

Enhanced Security

These type of lock systems can make a huge difference in emergencies

Think of it this way; you just came back from home late at night. Throughout the way, you noticed someone was following you. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to stop, fumbling for your keys in your bag. Keyless systems allow you to unlock the door using a remote. You do not even have to leave your vehicle. This makes it a safer option.

Sometimes people lose their keys. It might fall out of their pockets or they might misplace it. There is always a chance that they might fall in wrong hands. However, this is not a problem with keyless systems.

In commercial buildings, there are certain areas that can only be accessed by authorized personnel. You can ensure that by installing keyless entry systems in these areas.

Eliminates the Need for Additional Hardware

Lost your key? Maybe it was stolen. In either case, your home’s security is compromised. You will have to get the locks rekeyed or replaced in order to ensure safety. Not only is that inconvenient, it’s also very costly.

You do not have to worry about any of these issues with keyless systems. Just reprogram the system and it’s as good as new.

Which Type Of Keyless System Is Right For You?

Yes, there is more than one type of keyless lock system. There’s one that runs on electricity; one that is operated using remotes, and another one that opens and locks without keys.

Each one of them has have their own set of benefits and problems. Therefore, before you make your decision consider the impact a new system will have on your home’s aesthetics and security.

You will have to get in touch with locksmiths no matter which system you choose to install in your home. We can help. We offer locksmith services in Georgia. In addition to commercial and residential services, we also offer automotive locksmith services. Call 404-281-3140 for our services.

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