Lock Impressioning: All You Need To Know

Lock impressioning refers to the process of fashioning a working key for a specific lock without disassembling the lock itself. Locksmiths often use this method in emergencies. It’s also a better alternative to skills like lock picking and lock bumping.

Lock Impressioning

This skill isn’t just limited to locksmiths. Even you can learn it provided that you have the tools available. Some of the tools that you would require include key blanks, magnifying glass and file.

Furthermore, like any other skill, lock impressioning too requires practice. We would say it’s worth the effort since you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your keys anymore.

The best part is that majority of the locks can be impressioned. It might be a little tough to create impressions of high security locks though. Furthermore, it’s not easy to impression disk detainer locks since they are equipped with sidebars.

The Process

In order to impression the lock, the locksmith will first insert the blank in the lock. They would jiggle the blank back and forth so that the bound pins can leave tiny marks on the blank. The locksmith will also make sure that they tightly hold onto the key during the process.

It’s important to file the blank properly. This might take some time especially if the blanks have chrome plated finishes.

They will then remove it from the lock and file down the markings in order to achieve cuts on the key. The cuts need to correspond with the size of the pins.

However, that’s not all. The problem is that the pins wouldn’t leave behind markings on the blank the first time.

Identifying the pin marks can be quite tricky and you will need a magnifying glass in order to spot them. Moreover, make sure that you only file parts of the key where appropriate marks have been made.

You’ll have to repeat the entire process multiple times. Over time, the number of marks left behind on the blank will reduce.

This is a sign that the lock has been impressioned on the blank. It’s a trial and error method and there is a chance that it wouldn’t produce the results you expected initially.

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