Key Duplication – A Felony Or Not?

Once or twice in your life, you may have invested in key duplication. But did you know duplication is a felony?

Duplication of certain things is a crime, but the rules of duplicity are a little different when it comes to keys.

Let’s see if you are committing minor felony or not. But before that, you need to understand the features of a DND key (do not duplicate).

What Is ‘Do Not Duplicate’ Key?

The word DND provides an extra sense of security; people think that these keys are more secure and harder to copy. That is not the case, DND is just a word, these keys provide no additional features to make duplication hard. Instead DND keys are more common and do not secure the owner form break-ins.

Even the Associated Locksmiths of America has stated that DND keys will be treated similar to any other unrestricted keys. Ownership of such keys provides no additional security and the use of ‘DND’ stamps is wrong and deceptive.

So, duplication of DND keys is not a crime. Moreover, you might want to invest in a better security system if DND was the only feature you looked for when buying a lock system.

Possession of such keys doesn’t provide extra security form the law. If people want exclusivity in their lock systems, they should invest in a patent lock security system or other methods of security.

You can get a restricted key; it limits the rights of the key to the original owner. Locksmiths avoid duplication of such keys as they are covered by the U.S patent law.

You will require an expert locksmith like AA Locksmith to provide you consultation and craftsmanship of such keys.

So What Does Make A Key Secure?

Key Blanks

Some brands add security to their keys by making them difficult to copy. They closely monitor and control the key blank distribution, and use specialized equipment to cut their keys.

Difficultly In Lock Picking

A normal lock has 5 pins and with the right amount of skills, can be picked under a minute. Scary, right?

Well, there are lock providers who have added additional pins, 7 instead of 5, to make the lock picking process difficult.

Resistance To Force

Intruder’s next course of action is to drill or bust your door with force, when the lock picking fails. There are brands that use high quality materials that are difficult to break. Also make sure that your door frame is strong and provide a steady support to your lock system.

Lastly, keep these features in mind when buying a lock. Determine the restriction of your key by visiting a locksmith. Invest in proper security system and don’t fall into the hoax of DND keys.

Key Consultation

AA Locksmith provides the best installation and repair in Lithonia and McDonough, GA. We ensure that your security needs are meet in the most professional and licensed services.

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