How to Deal With Loose Door Knobs and Handles

Door locks and knobs are a common sight in both residential as well as commercial properties and are an integral part of the overall security.

A common problem that property owners face with locks and knobs is that over time, they loosen and start falling apart. This prevents locks from working properly and leaves your home susceptible to burglaries.

Why Do Lock and Knobs Become Loose

In order to deal with this problem, you first need to know why you are facing it in the first place.

Door knobs can loosen when screws connecting the door knob start loosening. You might also face this problem because of old locks that haven’t been maintained.

Dirt can accumulate in the lock mechanism and affect it as well. Furthermore, you might also face this problem if the screws within the lock mechanism are broken.

Now that you know about some of the reasons because of which you are facing this issue, let’s look at some ways you can fix them:

Tightening the Screws

In order to tighten the screws, the locksmith will have to first start with removing the door lock. It would also depend on the kind of door knob you have.

The locksmith will first remove the screws that hold the knob in place. The process can be quite complicated if the door handles have hidden mounted screws. Once the knob has been successfully removed, the locksmith will tighten the screws.

Replacing Damaged Parts

You might also face this problem because of broken spindles and rusted door knob trims. In such cases, you have to get the lock replaced in order to determine the extent to which the lock has been damaged.

Tighten Set Screws

Set screws connect the locks with the spindles and only affect mounted door knobs. When the locks become loose, the door knob wouldn’t move the latch when you turn it.

In order to deal with this problem, the locksmith will simply find the set screw and tighten it. It might be a little tough for them to find the set screw if it’s located in the interiors. In such cases, locksmiths will need to unscrew exposed locks to gain access to set screws.

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