Keeping Trouble Out: How To Reduce The Chance Of A Home Or Office Break In

Imagine entering your home or office to find your things turned upside down, your property damaged and valuable items or information stolen, what would you do? Call a locksmith .

For those of us who have experienced a burglary or break in, we’re well aware that it is nothing short of traumatic!

Even scarier…imagine being woken in the dead of the night by the sound of assailants breaking and entering.

If you think about this for just a second, you will realize how immensely terrifying this can be. Even though according to the FBI in a stats release from 2016, break-ins were starting to drop, they by no means have stopped completely!

Where do we go from here?

Keeping all this in mind, even if there is just a 1% chance of having your property broken into, why risk it?

The little time, effort and money spent on safeguarding your property from trespassers could potentially take you a long way when it comes to the safety of yourself and those you love.

Below are some tips and pointers on how you might safeguard yourself from a potential break in.

  • Keep a low profile

Just because you have wealth doesn’t necessarily dictate that you flaunt it! Keep your home looking humble and present yourself in the same way.

Burglars often take their time sizing up potential targets before making a hit. Presenting yourself as someone not so wealthy helps immensely in staying under the radar and not attracting the wrong kind of attention!

  • Lights on after lights out

Leave a couple of the lights on in the house, particularly those next to large windows and those that can be seen from the outside.

Do this even if you are stepping out or asleep. Sure, it might be a few cents or dollars extra on your bills but it will likely save you the massive loss and stress of being robbed! Burglars tend to avoid houses that look lived in so keep your home bright and lively! It won’t just improve your mood but will deter potential offenders as well!

  • Parameter Check

Be attentive to the space outside and around your house. If there are shrubs and trees blocking visibility, trim them, if there is an obstacle like an old tree house or swing set, move or shift it.

Last but not least, if you find your street or driveway gets too dark to see after sundown, invest in powerful outdoor lighting. Sensor lighting is brilliant for scaring people away as it turns on automatically when they are in the vicinity giving the impression of a vigilant resident.

  • On the note of vigilance…

Regardless of how safe you are or feel, stay vigilant. Get to know your neighbors, maybe even organize a neighborhood watch.

Be observant when entering and exiting your home or office space and keep an eye out for strange individuals who might appear out of nowhere and tend to hang about doing nothing in particular. Get to know your hood and those in it so that any discrepancy will be obvious immediately.

  • Are you a dog person?

For those of you more into cats, we regret to say that house protection is more a dog’s specialty.

Look into the different indoor and outdoor breeds and choose one according to its levels of reliability and even possible aggression if needed. Even the sight of a dog can help to scare away some of the most determined crooks and criminals.

  • Lock up

We were surprised to find that 40% of homes that were broken into were done so sans any force. In other words, those homes were not locked. Make sure you lock up properly both when you are out and when you are getting ready to pack it in for the night. Most burglars today are not as good as they used to be at lock picking.

Further, you have specialized locksmiths offering reliable locksmith services covering everything from advice to lock sale to key duplication. It is also sensible to change your locks every now and then in case of key theft.

In Conclusion

Don’t wait for something to go wrong. Be proactive and safe guard your space as soon as you can!

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