Here’s What An Average Day In The Life Of A Lock Smith Looks Like

When most of us think about what a locksmith does, our first thought usually goes to unlocking locked doors or making new keys for customers who may have misplaced or forgotten them.

But the truth is; that’s just a fraction of what locksmiths do. Below, we offer some insight into what we do, how we do it, and what we think about the industry as it stands today!

What Else Do We Do?

Locksmiths are often the unsung superheroes who save the day by opening your home lock or car lock, no matter what the hour is.

But aside from that, we also fix doors and windows, deal with safes, work with gates, welding, and iron. We also work with law enforcement to open doors to homes that may have been locked for some time. Apart from that, we make custom locks for commercial properties as well. In addition to all of this, we also help out people that move into new homes and have even changed locks when couples break up or are getting divorced.

We also offer advice on what the best products are that one can use in their home, or for their properties. So in the most basic terms, we offer all kinds of security solutions!

How Do We Earn Money?

On average, a locksmith earns $43,936 per year. But salaries can sometimes exceed the average, particularly if the professional offers emergency services or works during the night—this can almost double salaries!

Is There Job Security?

This is a major plus for locksmith professionals.

People will always need some sort of security detail added to their property or vehicle. They’ll either need new keys, spare keys, new locks, better safes—there are practically hundreds of reasons why a person will need the help of a professional locksmith, and we’ll always be here to serve those needs.

Not to mention that our services can be especially handy in vulnerable areas which require more safety measures.

Even if you have the latest locks; electronic, wireless, keyless, or otherwise, you’ll still need to call a professional to have those products installed!

Working with AA Locksmith!

AA Locksmith is a reliable locksmith service in Covington, GA!

We offer services for homes, vehicles and commercial properties, all for an affordable price. So if you are ever in a tight spot, or just need those old, rusty locks replaced or repaired, call us!

Support our business and allow us to make your homes and belongings much safer!

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