Helpful Tips for When You Are Locked Out Of Your Car

Getting locked out of your own car can be a serious headache. At the same time, it’s not as uncommon as you would think, as certain sources suggest. Getting locked out of your car can be infuriating, stressful embarrassing and even a safety hazard if you’re locked out in the wrong location.

What to Do Though?

There are some things you could try your luck with when it comes to older and less lavish vehicles. Though these might not serve as solutions in every instance, they might work as a stop gap until you have access to an automobile locksmith!

The Coat Hanger

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Though it says coat hanger in the heading, any metal wire (a little thicker than chicken wire) will do just fine. You need to find a small opening. This could be a slightly open window or a dent in the door that gives you access to the inside of the car!

You need to loop one end of the wire and slide the looped end down to where the lock is. You lasso the lock with the looped end and then pull up, opening the lock and hence unlocking the car. Of course this procedure is more complicated and tricky than it may seem here and might require a few tries before you nail it.

The Backdoor

You have certain lift back vehicles and station wagons with brilliant and spacey trunk access. In other words, you open the trunk and depending on your size, you could probably jump into the back of the car or reach the back door locks. If you have such a vehicle and your trunk was not locked, problem solved!

The side of the door

Some vehicles might even come with locking mechanisms that are not very difficult to reach using elongated and flattened objects. If you have such an object on your person, you could try sliding it in to the side space where your door meets the body of the car. If you slide the object up and down you might find a point where it sticks. This is where the door latch probably is and with a little poking around you might be able to release it manually/directly.

And if None of This Works

If none of this works out, there still really is no reason to panic. In fact you can proceed to do the things listed below anyway before attempting to get back in to your car in the ways mentioned above!

Call for Help

Call the local police or a close friend who lives nearby. Tell them where you and your car are. If you feel the place is unsafe, ask them to come by and get you.

Stay Calm

It doesn’t matter where you were headed or who you’ll need to cancel with. You’re locked out of your car and you’re probably not going anywhere till you sort things out. Take a few deep breaths, calm yourself, accept the situation and figure out how to proceed in a cool manner.


Have it Towed

If you really need to be some place and feel you’d rather deal with your car later but don’t want to leave it where it is, call a tow service and have it towed to a safe location.

Call an Automobile Locksmith

When all is said and done and you have tried what you could, you still have a professional automobile locksmith services that you can call for help. The good thing here is a professional will guarantee to get the job done with little to no damage to your car.

If you’re locked out of your car and ever need an automobile locksmith in the Georgia area, you’ve got us! If you need to fix those locks or get those keys out in a hurry, we’ve got you covered!

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