Garage Safety 101

We all have so much stowed away in attics and garages that these places escape notice until something goes missing, or due to an unwelcomed presence of a rodent.

While the clutter may not be worrying, the level of safety afforded to your garage is an important factor to consider.

Consider all the expensive equipment, electric or otherwise, and tools that you store in your garage. Which do you think will be an easier target: your home or your garage?

Not only this, the door from the garage into your home can easily be accessed and provides a way in as easily as an unlocked front door. This is the part where you must seriously evaluate the role of your garage in the overall security of your home.

The first and most important step is to get the security of your garage inspected by a professional locksmith. They can help you make all the right decisions such as garage doors, locks and which are the best for you.

The Right Locks

Deadbolts are perfect for increasing security for garage doors. They can also be removed in case of an emergency exit. It is also a great idea to install a deadbolt of the door linking the garage to your home to prevent a break in even if the garage has one. Other forms of locks include:

T-Handle Locks: these are situated outside the garage door and require a key. The lock pushes or pulls a bar through the door track to lock or release the door.

Slide Locks: These are very effective due to their bar design that has its handle located on the inside of the door and slides the bar through the track to lock it down. Padlocks can also be added for additional security in the bar.

Anchors: As the name suggests, these prevent doors from opening and are attached to the floor adding extra security because of their location inside the garage.

Safety Tips

  • Don’t leave your garage door open even during the day. Giving a look of what is in your garage to thieves can entice them to come back at night time.
  • Make sure any windows peering into your garage are covered up so no one can look inside. Remember, visibility plays a key role in theft.
  • Instead of keeping a garage door opener, get a keychain garage door opener or lock it in the glove compartment. Thieves can easily open your car and get the remote from it.
  • Motion sensor lights can help deter thieves because they can alert you to their presence and catch them off-guard.

If you are unsure of the safety of the locks on your front and garage doors, call us! AA Locksmith has been helping people keep homes and property safe in Covington! We offer deadbolt installation, lock repair and rekeying services along with many other services.

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