Five Situations Where your Office Locks Might Need to Be Replaced

We get a lot of customers, both residential and commercial. Many customers looking to have locks changed for commercial establishments and offices ask how frequently or when they should get their locks changed. When it comes to frequency, many things come into play. Some include how much the lock is used, weather/atmospheric conditions and quality/material of the lock.

This being said, there are certain situations where it is probably smart to have your locks replaced.

Five Situations that Warrant Office Lock Replacement

For the sake of clarity, we’re going to focus only on office locks. The reason we’re being specific here is that the traffic at offices is higher than that at homes. Further, unlike commercial establishments, offices might contain confidential and sensitive information that holds a lot of value.

We’ll go over five situations where it might be a good idea to have those office locks replaced. Here they are!

Lost/Missing Keys

When it comes to a home, a lost key is a bit of a risk depending on where you live and where you lost your key. When it comes to an office space, a lost key could be a much bigger problem. Even if you do have another set, you have no idea where the lost key might be. Depending on how big an organization you are and what you had attached to the key (e.g. a key ring with the office logo), a lost key could be an open invitation for a break-in. Besides, you don’t know if you lost your key or if it was stolen!


Attempted Break-in

If someone attempts to break into your office and you find out, do not waste any time having the locks replaced. The person trying to break in might have figured out how but may not have the time to finish the job. This means, chances of them returning are high. In this case not just replacing but reinforcing your locks is highly advised!

Disgruntled Employee

If you have an employee who you keep getting into rows with or who keeps threatening to leave and finally does, it might be a good time for a lock change. Further, if you sack someone and they do not return their set of keys to you, you most definitely want to get your locks changed. Though most employees who leave you on bad terms might resent you for a while at best and then forget about it, there are some who may be spiteful! It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Damaged and Worn Locks

If your locks are damaged or worn out to the point that they have started to become hard to use, changing them would be a good idea. You never know when a damaged or worn out lock might give. You could get locked out of your own office at some odd hour. That’s the kind of time your only option would be to call a 24 hour locksmith!

A good way to avoid such a predicament would be to have your locks changed if you find that they have started sticking and have become troublesome to operate.

Old Locks

Last but not least, if your locks are extremely old and you haven’t had them replaced in say over a year, as an office space it would make sense to have them replaced. This is particularly so if you weren’t using premium quality locks as the cheaper ones tend to wear faster.


There you have it folks. Five situations where it makes perfect sense to have your office locks changed! If you’ve got any more questions or need a professional locksmith services in Lithonia,Georgia who handles auto, residential and office locksmith jobs, you’ve got us!

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