Fingerprint Door Locks You Didn’t Know Could Change Your Life

Ever heard of Biometric door locks? These aren’t as popular as traditional locks and are not even seen commonly in households.

However, if you think about it, it’s almost baffling that these haven’t become a mainstay in homes. After all, burglaries and robberies are common crimes in the USA and these locks can provide you with unprecedented level of security.

The good news is that it’s not too late to make a change. Let’s take a look at some of the locks that are available in the market:

Marks USA 175 Series

Manufacturers of these locks claim that it is impossible to replicate the fingerprints with these and gain unauthorized access to homes. You might say that ‘this is what all lock manufacturers claim’ but how many of them really have the features to ensure that?

This is why Marks USA 175 is such a great choice. This one also consists of a cylindrical lock. In addition to that, it also allows you to store more than 100 users at a given time.

This makes them ideal for use in commercial properties. Furthermore, it has weather resistant properties, which make it a good choice for outdoors.

Samsung SHS-P718 Lock

Many agree that this is the best option when it comes to biometric locks. It uses a push pull handle in order to make it easier for you to open and close the doors. Furthermore, you can gain access to the lock through fingerprints, RFID cards and even pin codes.

They can store 30 pin codes at a given time and this makes them a good choice for small businesses, which want to limit access to their premises.

It also has a built in alarm, which makes it easier for you to ensure security in your home as well as your office.

Yale YDM 4109

In spite of being labeled, as ‘finger print lock’ this type of lock incorporates multiple access methods. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it ensures you stay safe and secure.

In addition to that, these are also the most sleek looking finger print locks available in the market. Their best feature is the progressive scanner, which allows you to access the lock with a single touch. It also features a built in alarm.

There is also an emergency supply terminal, which ensures that the lock continues to work in case of an outage.

No matter which of these options you go for, you’re still going to need the services of a professional locksmith to install them. This is where we come in. AA Locksmith offers reliable residential locksmith services in Ellenwood, GA.

We also offer commercial and automotive locksmith services. Contact us at 404-281-3140 for further information.

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