Do Luggage Locks Really Ensure Security?

Luggage locks are the most obvious option that people have when it comes to travel security. But have you ever wondered if they are really secure?

TSA Locks

When traveling in the United States, you need to use only TSA approved locks. The problem with these though is that they are not exactly very secure. They can easily be cut using low quality pliers. Furthermore, the lock cylinder can easily be picked.

The whole point of TSA approved locks is that officials will go through your baggage without breaking the locks. However, there have been reports where officials have broken the locks even if they were TSA approved.

We all know about the security concerns in United States. Therefore, TSA reserves the right to remove all kinds of locks without cause during a search. They will also leave a note in your luggage if they have physically searched the luggage.

Up till now we have been only talking about TSA approved locks. Let’s now take a look at luggage locks in general:

All Luggage Locks Can Be Opened

When it comes to luggage locks, there’s no such thing as full proof security. All of them can be opened or broken.

Travel personnel use very destructive methods to break open the locks and no lock can withstand the force that is applied.

Luggage Locks Don’t Protect the Zipper

Luggage locks that are used to protect zippers rarely ever get the job done. Criminals can use a ball point pen to damage the zipper track and easily gain access to the contents of the bag.

Once they have taken what they wanted, they can reseal the zipper. You wouldn’t even know that someone tampered with your luggage.

Built In Luggage Locks Don’t Always Work

Companies often market their bags by saying that they have high security luggage locks. However, don’t fall for this trap. In majority of the cases, these locks are of a low quality and can easily break.

How Do You Ensure Security

One of the ways in which you can ensure luggage security is by keeping an eye on the luggage. Of course that’s not possible at all times but make sure you take advantage of instances where you have an opportunity to keep an eye on your property.

You also need to get high quality locks. Of course they too can be broken but at least they will offer some form of security. Get in touch with us.

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