Common Weaknesses That Cause Home Security Breach

Home is closely associated with safety and comfort. These characteristics are valued by all habitants, but did you know, you might be contributing to a security breech at your house?


Let’s look at some common mistakes that might be keeping your house at risk.

Inadequate Locks For Exterior Doors

Inexpensive locks are easier to pick due to the traditional pin mechanism. Builders place inexpensive locks, and people tend to forget replacing them once they move in. This puts you at a higher risk of break-ins and breaches.

Weak Door Frame

Have you ever wondered how people bust doors in the movies? Well, it’s the doing of a weak door frame. This problem may also be prevalent in your home. The latch of the lock usually takes ¼ of its support from the door frame. If the frame is weak, breaking the door is easy, no matter how pricy your lock is.

Vulnerable Hinges

Homes with out-swinging doors have exposed hinges, providing an easy entrance for an intruder. These exposed hinges can be picked easily, by removing pins.

Use Of Glass In Breach-Able Locations

Glass may give a fancy touch to your house, but if placement in the wrong location, it can put you in danger.

  • Glass windows near doors can be broken, to open the lock.
  • Glass windows without locks or protective glass can be easily broken-in.

Unlocked House

Some people feel it’s unnecessary to lock doors and windows when heading to the grocery store. You might feel that there is no need to lock the second-floor windows, but the fact is burglars can easily reach third and fourth floor.

Leaving Behind A Spare Key

Spare key under the flower pot or doormats are in the knowledge of everyone.

If it’s a professional burglar trying to break into your house, he/she will find the spare key, no matter how difficult your hiding place is.

An Unused Alarm System

People may install alarms to scare off intruders, but might not be using it. Alarms serve the purpose of a scare crow, scaring away any attempts. But the day someone tests your security, you will be up for a big surprise.

Absence Of Second Line Of Defense

People priorities the protection of the main gate, and neglect the safety of the house from within. There should be a second line of defense; this will limit access to the other areas of your house, in an event of a break-in.

Maintain An Inventory

You might own a million of valuables and be unaware of their existence or worth. Failing to keep an inventory of your assets can prove problematic in a case of burglary. If the need arises, you might need to provide the law enforcement or insurance company a complete list of stolen or missing items.

The Key To Your Protection

AA Locksmith provides you with the best hardware to make your homes safe and sound. We understand the security requirement of the current times, which is why we provide complete solutions.

Make your home safer by following these simple steps.

Security Solutions

  • Replace all exterior locks with heavy duty locks that have a high security lock cylinder.
  • Use long strike plates that cover more surface area and use more mounting screw. Doing so will strengthen your door frame.
  • Add security studs to all your exposed hinges.
  • Make sure you have additional security lock on all your windows and sliding doors.
  • Add window films on windows in exposed location. This will prevent the glass from shattering and make breaking-in to your house difficult.
  • Avoid keeping spare keys in known location. If you have a habit of forgetting your key, place a spare key with a trusted friend or a neighbor.
  • Burglaries can happen within 10 minutes. This requires you to install a functioning alarm system at your house to make it secure at all times.
  • Secure bedrooms with deadbolt locks; make sure you keep valuable in a place with good locks. This will add a second line of defense to your house.

Call now for installation of high security lock system around the house.

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