The Most Common Types Of Locks Used In Residences

It is almost close to impossible to find doors in residential areas, which do not have locks. Locks are an essential component of your door, preventing unauthorized access to your homes.

Every year 2000,000 burglaries occur in the United States. Majority of these occur in residential properties. Therefore, it is important to have proper locks installed in your homes.

There are several kinds of locks available that homeowners can choose. Some of them include:


Doorknobs are some of the most common types of locks that you will find in a residence. They are more common in interior part of your home. However, they are not effective for exteriors. This is because these types of locks can easily break down due to excessive force.

If you have doorknobs installed on your external doors, make sure that you also install a deadbolt system on that door in order to ensure that it stays safe and secure.

Deadbolt lock system

These are considered to be the safest types of locks. You are more likely to find these kinds of locks in commercial areas however there are homeowners who install single cylinder deadbolts in their residences.

Nowadays, electronic deadbolt systems are also available in the market. All of the deadbolt systems have a grading system, which gives you an idea regarding how much force the lock can withstand before it finally breaks down.

Homeowners also have the option of going for a double cylinder deadbolt system in case they want to make themselves even more secure.


These types of locks are more commonly found in older homes. This type of lock consists of hardware, which includes:

  • Lock cylinder
  • Cam

These types of locks are quite sturdy and do not break easily. This makes them ideal for homeowners who extremely conscious about the security of their residence.

Electronic locks

There are certain homeowners who prefer to go for electronic locks in their residence. There are people who often confuse smart locks with electronic locks. However, there is a difference between the two. Smart locks require wireless communication.

Homeowners control these locks using their phones or remote controls. On the other hand, electronic locks do not require any kind of electrical communication. They rely simply on supply of constant electricity. This can be a problem in the case of a power outage.

Locks with cylindrical levers

Like doorknobs, locks with cylindrical levers are also quite popular.  Some might say that these types of locks are a lot easier to operate than doorknobs but it all depends on the preference of the homeowners.

Like doorknobs, it is preferable to avoid using these doors for external doors since they too can easily break down due to excessive force.

You will need the services of professional locksmiths no matter what kind of door lock you decide to get installed in your door. Get in touch with us. We offer reliable residential locksmith services. Our services are available 24 hours a day. Contact us at 404-281-3140.


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