Choosing Between Replacing And Rekeying Your Locks

This may sound like something from another to world to many. This is because of the common practice of simply replacing locks when they don’t work anymore.

We help you navigate to the right answer.

What is Rekeying?

Rekeying is the process by which the inner workings of a lock are altered to suit a different key. This way, you only change the key, and not the lock. Basically, a few things are altered and the same lock works with a different key.

How is it done?

The locksmith gains access to what is known as the lock cylinder by removing the lock from the door.

The key pins within the cylinder are changed and the arrangement changed so they can suit a different key. Locksmiths usually have a ‘key decoder’ which makes their job easier. And this is the reason you cannot carry out process yourself.

Pros and Cons


  • Rekeying helps increase the overall safety of your residence or office. This is because all the other keys that may have worked at the main lock will no longer do and only your key will. This is also a useful trick for new homeowners so previous owners no longer have access to the building.
  • The process is cost effective because key pins are cheaper and you only pay for the labor costs when compared to the price of a new lock for your doors. This makes it a smart move for new home owners or renters without spending too much.
  • The process takes up less time and does not require a lot of tools. If you entrust the job to a skilled professional, you will have a ‘new’ lock in no time!


  • One limitation is that the security boost is very little as the lock is essentially the same. It may be a better idea to replace a subpar lock with a better one if you wish for higher security.

Replacing a Lock

For some, replacement may be a better option even if more expensive. This can depend on factors such as budget, need for security, and the features you want in your lock.

To understand more, we must look at pros and cons of replacing locks.


  • The newer locks can be customized to your security needs—such as smaller screws and additional security pins.
  • Replacement means you have the option to choose a better one than the one you had. You can easily improve your security and upgrade.


  • Parts and labor costs can be higher than the rekeying process.

We at AA Locksmith wish to offer you the best options for your needs and hope this post will help you make the best decision.

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