Car Key Stuck In Ignition; All You Need To Know

Imagine you have a big interview today. You get ready and practice your hellos. You rush out the door praying you don’t get late and jam the key into ignition.

You get to the workplace with 10 minutes to spare. Things are looking good. You look once in the rear-view mirror and begin to head out. But your car doesn’t want you to leave.

Your car keys are jammed into the ignition.

You tug and pull but it refuses to budge! If you leave them there, someone can drive off with your car; if you stay and wait for someone, you miss the interview.

Anyone reading the scenario above will think ‘Thank God that wasn’t me”. We understand how frustrating it is when something you depend on as much as your car, malfunctions. The good news is, you can learn in advance and save yourself the headache.

Common concerns

A thousand thoughts will race through your mind such as:

Will I need to replace the Ignition?

You probably won’t. Choose a professional locksmith to do the job for you to minimize this possibility. If the key is not broken and just stuck, a qualified locksmith will be able to extract it without causing damage to the ignition cylinder.

Even if broken, if there is enough of the key’s part outside that can be extracted, there won’t be need for replacement.

A bigger reason for replacement will be if the extraction of the key caused damage to the ignition. The extent of the internal damage can warrant a replacement.

Will I need to replace the lock?

If you tried to tug and pull and caused damage to the lock, or tried DIY hacks that did, you may need a replacement. If you haven’t then rest assured that most locksmiths are trained to extract keys without causing any damage to the lock so you won’t need a replacement.

How long does an extraction take?

A professional locksmith near you can easily do this job in 20-30 minutes. This is obviously determined by the damage to the key and whether it is broken off. The locksmith will assess the situation and have it back to great shape in no time.

Avoid these:

  • If the key is not turning, don’t exert excess pressure; this can break the key. Jammed keys are easier to extract than broken ones.
  • Do not try to start your car with broken pieces of the key or half a key because this can push the piece further into ignition and make it harder to extract. This can also cause damage to the ignition. Get a spare key instead.
  • Don’t insert things into the ignition to get the key out or get it free, this can damage the ignition as well as push the key deeper. Instead call a locksmith nearby to fix your issue.

What you can do:

Check if the key is in the ‘off’ position: sometimes we turn the key too far and this can prevent the key from getting out.

Take the wheel: you can gently move the wheel back and forth to see if the key comes out. Steering wheels and ignitions can sometimes ‘lock’ together, causing a temporary key jam.

Check if your car is parked: this goes for automatic cars. If your car is in any position other than park, it won’t let you remove the keys.

Battery: Checks if the battery is charged, if it is not, don’t pull on the key. Instead, wait for the battery to be halfway charged before you try.

Call a Locksmith: If you are stuck somewhere in GA with a jammed key, call us at 404-281-3140 and we at AA Locksmith will be happy to help. We provide services in Covington, Lilburn, Ellenwood, Snellville and adjacent areas. Feel free to contact us for an insured locksmith to come and fix your locks. We take care to provide our customers with the best deals and expert residential locksmith services.

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