Burglar Proof Doors and Windows

What do windows and expensive china have in common?

They’re fragile.

As a matter of fact, windows are the most vulnerable part of your home security and the easiest access point as a result.

Did you know that most burglars prefer windows and use simple tools like screwdrivers, pliers or small hammers? And these people are not professionals but dangerous and just desperate according to a study.

It is better to prevent a break in, rather than wait for one to spur you into action. There are many ways to begin securing your windows and some factors that must be taken into consideration.


When choosing window placement, a lot of people go with their aesthetic sense. While this makes your home appear more pleasing to the eye, it can also attract attention from burglars. This benefit of visibility allows burglars to gather information necessary to plan a burglary.

Windows must be placed in areas that don’t allow for a clear view into the home. You can also opt for blinds or tints for the glass that won’t necessary block the air, but provide some obscurity.


The use of glass in windows is popular for good reason. It lets in the sunshine and looks attractive. However, it is important to assess the possibly damage that may be costing you the window and more valuables.

Choose unbreakable glass or simply add window bars to added protection. The good thing about window bars is that the windows don’t need to be locked at all times and you can enjoy the fresh air safely.

You can also opt for security locks for your windows such as hinge wedge locks, locking pin locks and keyed window security locks. The best ones are those that are visible to criminals, effectively deterring them.

Guard your Doors

There are multiple ways your doors and windows are attacked.

Brute Force: The best way to burglar-proof doors against this is to ensure you choose a door made of a strong material or a metal core that can withstand pressure. Ask a local locksmith to install deadbolts resistant to breaking. 3-inch screws are great for strengthening the strike plate and door hinges.

Lock Picking: ideally, your door locks should be pick-resistant and this is something an expert locksmith can easily ensure.

If not, they can definitely ensure it will take a long time to pick the lock which is enough to trigger alarms or have someone notice the unusual activity.

Find a lock of hardened metal construction so it cannot be damaged for access.

Cutting: you can make sure that your home is not broken into by a front door lock cut. Investing in a high-quality lock will pay off. The gap in the door frame and lock’s bolt is very important and must be as little as possible to deflect this attack.

What more can you do?

Security cameras are a good idea because they can discourage an approaching criminal.

A security screen door is also a good idea because it allows you to use all the methods above and use additional locks to secure your residence.

You can also use it in daily use as a safe peephole. This door also works like a camera to discourage criminals from approaching what appear to be two sets of locks and thus more time to get inside the building.

We can Help

AA Locksmith has been involved in providing security systems in Metro Atlanta, Georgia for some time. Our expertise has given us an edge in residential locksmith services and our inspections can help you prevent any future break-ins.

In case of a break-in, call us (404-281-3140) for prompt repairs and lock replacements.

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